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#RobotArmy member PHIL releases a new single off the upcoming self produced album, Cool Chicago. With help from a David Ruffin sample,
PHIL blends his past memories with optimistic hope to give you "Coolin".

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Brand New Song From Robot Army Member BELLA BAHHS…Listen/Like/Share P.S. Congratulate Her, She Just Graduated!

Brand New Song From Robot Army Member BELLA BAHHS…Listen/Like/Share P.S. Congratulate Her, She Just Graduated!

Listen/download: SiVADiNK.COM presents…#IDK by Jason [^_-] Davis

A Journey Through Sound

SiVADiNK.COM presents…#IDK, A Journey Through Sound



in this video i use the term “dick-blood”. watch this strange video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wicVkKmQGsw

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City of Savages “Bone Collector” M-65 Jacket http://shop.thecityofsavages.com/product/bone-collector-m-65-jacket

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BELLA BAHHS - “Youthful II”

Download Bella’s latest project “Power Hall EP” at YeahBellaRaps.Com

Twitter: @ihackedfoxnews

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PHIL, the Artist drops his 1st visual for his self produced album mixed by The RBF , Cool Chicago. The project is set for release next month. “Narcotic User” filmed by Stash4d, reveals PHIL’s coping mechanism, dealing with life as he grows older.




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"Shit That Knock Me Out Like I’m Paquiao"

WinterHats & Sunglasses" : @GigabyteGod Ft. Chalant Off B4’s Latest THC & PALMTREES Available A Few Posts Below. Directed By Don Jay .

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[A picture of some weed]



1,000,00 notes.

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Behold. South Park changing the derogatory definition of ‘fag.’ Making it synonymous with moron, jackass and douchebag.

Once the old homophobic preachers die out and a generations passes, we’ll be left with this lovely urban definition:

“Fag, noun. Used to describe someone acting with poor, rude and unintelligent behaviour.” 

South Park is perfect

You know there is a problem when South Park does a better job in realizing the mutability of language than most adults.

99% of people I consider fags aren’t gay.

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